Irish Jigs And Reels

By Various Artists

  1. Dusty Miller
  2. Spindle Shanks
    Ivy Leaf
  3. When A Man’s In Love (song)
  4. The Earl’s Chair
  5. Boys Of Belfast
    Girls Of Belfast
    Girl Who Broke My Heart
  6. Laugh And Half Daft (song)
  7. Lady Ann Montgomery
    Enchanted Lady
    Sweeney’s Dream
  8. Paddy Carty’s
    Gan Ainm
    Beauty Spot
  9. Paddy Taylor’s
    Kate’s Fancy
  10. Swinging On The Gate
    Kathleen’s Fiddle
  11. Terry Teehan’s
  12. Morning Lark
    Contentment Is Wealth

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I’d be grateful if anyone familiar with this album submits the musicians’ names. The only clue is a note on the CD which says: Tracks 7 - 12 in the public domain; Tracks 1, 3, 5 & 6; Tracks 2 & 4 arranged by Cran.


Haven’t been able to confirm, but the other tracks, 7 - 12, may be Brendan Larrissey, especially if they’re solo fiddle.

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Well done. I’ve got Moher’s Over the Edge album and I think Moher must feature as some of the various artists. Come to think of it, having just whizzed through the tracks, although it’s not a duplicate of Out in the Ocean, I think Moher are the “various artists”.