By Capercaillie

  1. Skye Waulking Song
  2. Hope Springs Eternal
  3. Michael’s Matches
  4. Tighnn Air A’mhuir Am Fear A Phosas Mi
  5. ‘S Moch An Diu Gun D’rinn Mi Eirigh
  6. Truth Calling
  7. Inspector Hector
    Failte Gu Whalley Range
    Argyll Lassies
    The Bass Rock
  8. Mo Chailin Dìleas Donn
  9. Rapture
  10. The Hollybush
    Granny Hold The Candle While I Shave The Chicken’s Lip II
  11. Gaol Troimh Aimsirean
  12. The Eurythmic
    Bulgarian Red
    The Cockerel In The Creel

Three comments

“nádurra” ~ Capercaillie

nádurra = Naturally

Karen Matheson - vocals
Donald Shaw - piano accordion
Charlie McKerron - fiddle
Manus Lunny - bouzouki
Ewan Vernal - bass
Michael McGoldrick - flutes, whistles, pipes
David Robertson - percussion
Che Beresford - drums

Great Album!

Just bought this album and I love it!
Love the tunes! Some good ones to learn!

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Hoireann O is a great, great track.

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