Celtic Thunder

By Celtic Thunder

  1. Mark Quinn’s Polkas
  2. The Deadly Wars
  3. Sixpenny Money
    The Blackthorn Stick
  4. Bold Thady Quill
  5. All The Way To Birmingham
    Roaring Mary
  6. The Best Years Of Our Lives
  7. The Phillippine Soldier
  8. The Woman Of The House
    Paddy Lynn’s Delight
  9. Gem Of The Roe
  10. Doug Lang’s
    My Brother Seamus
    P.J. Conway’s
  11. Johnny Doyle
  12. The Wise Maid
    The Cup Of Tea

Three comments

Celtic Thunder

I was surprised that I couldn’t locate this in the database, and prices around the net seem to show that it is out of print.

It’s is a refreshing blend of song and dance, simple production, and diverse tunes from an excellent Irish-American group.

The opening polkas and the slides on track 10 probably go by other names, I’ll try to search the database or otherwise transcribe the ABC to see what comes of it.

Maybe someone else has heard and knows something of it>?

I have this recording on an old vinyl LP. Haven’t listened to it in quite a while, as my turntable doesn’t get much use any more in this age of CD and iPod. Celtic Thunder was a Washington DC-based group that was together for over 20 years with a variety of lineups during that time. Always at the core of the group, though, were brothers Jesse and Terry Winch, the sons of Irish-born parents who raised them in the Bronx. I believe the lineup on the eponymous Celtic Thunder LP consisted of Terry on the box, Jesse on drums, fiddler Steve Hickman and his then-wife Linda Hickman on flute, and vocals by Nita Conley. The LP was released on Green Linnet, but given that label’s travails over the past 10 years I’m sure it has gone out of print. Maybe the new owners of the Green Linnet imprint will choose to resurrect it, along with the other Green Linnet Celtic Thunder LP ‘The Light of Other Days’. They also did a third recording called ‘Hard New York Days’ which was on another label that’s now defunct, Rego Records.

As for the tunes you mentioned, the slides on track 10 are all compositions of Terry Winch, who wrote many tunes over the years for the band. Mark Quinn’s polkas may also have been written by Terry, or else they were written by or came from the repertoire of Mark Quinn. I’ll try to remember to dig out my copy of the LP and check the notes on that. Mark Quinn was an accordion player who lived in the Washington DC area until he sadly died a year or so ago, aged around 60. He had a large repertoire of tunes, most of which are not played by the session crowd here (polkas, slides, marches, waltzes, barndances, music hall song tunes and the like), so unfortunately we did not see him out very much. But he was a nice guy, and a good player.