P.J. Hernon

By P.J. Hernon And Marcus Hernon

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Name That Tune?

Does anyone know the name of the hornpipe on track 4 of the PJ.Hernon cd aptly named PJ.Hernon. On the track list its called Jim Erwin’s (hornpipe) however when I search it on the Session search it come up with a reel of the same name and is nothing like the tune on the actual cd. The hornpipe on the cd is a great tune and Id like to be able to get either the sheet music or abc to it. So anyone out there in cyber box land got any info on this one?

Re: P.J. Hernon

Tracks # 3 and #11 are flute solos by Marcus Hernon.
Tracks # 7 and #15 are accordion / flute duets.

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