Reel Irish

By Kasír

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Great c.d. i saw a video of them on youtube and went right out and bought the c.d. love it.

I found this awesome group from Flook’s myspace page, and by golly, I just found another favorite group! I got an iTunes giftcard for Christmas, and I already knew the first thing to buy - this album.

I am LOVIN’ this CD. Great tunes and great musicians, highly recommended!

Kasir group

Great performance. I’m especially interested in the reel : Trip to Devon. Does anyone have any info on this one.

"Trip To Devon" request….

I do know that the first part of that tune borrows very heavily from "The Golden Keyboard".
Also, Track 2 - as far as I can hear has 3 tunes, not 2 - it ends with a version of "Dickie Sherlock’s" with an extra bar or 2 thrown in .

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Trip to Devon in the works

mactcampbell I realize this is 7 years late but I’m currently transcribing Trip to Devon to abc, planning on uploading later this week once I’m finished. Hopefully you’ll see it?

Re: Reel Irish

And it’s up! Let me know if there’s any changes I should make