The Piper’s Broken Finger

By Boys Of The Lough

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The Piper’s Broken Finger

very nice LP still not printed in cd, original date of relase 1976.
fifth record of the Boys and the first with a Great Highland Pipe played by Finaly Mac Neill.

Dick Gaughan

I hadn’t realised Dick Gaughan ever had been part of this band. I see he is not on Piper’s Broken Finger, but this is news to me.


Hi Murray - see above. Dick Gaughan replaced Mike Whellans as a more traditional singer / guitarist for their first album, but left to pursue a solo career soon after. I came to Aberdeen University in 1972 and saw the first-album line-up at the Aberdeen Folk Festival that year - an almost life-changing experience, in that Cathal MacConnell - in a suit, drinking only tea - sat down and played a few tunes with myself and a few other musicians who had come up from Blairgowrie, and those other guys went on to become fairly prominent in the Scottish folk scene for the next 20 years, and in one instance, even up to now. From that weekend on, we were hooked !
The LP cover for the “Boys Of The Lough’s” first album was taken from a drawing made that weekend in 1972 by Aberdeen artist, singer and banjo-player Sandy Cheyne, who still comes to occasionally perform at Aberdeen Folk Club. I saw him just 4 nights ago. Get that album if you can - it’s still one of their best ever.
Regards, Kenny

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