Lochaber No More

By Boys Of The Lough

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Lochaber No More

Breabach also does this on their debut album, “The Big Spree” which is one of the best first albums from any group I’ve heard. Their tune sets made me think it was Battlefield Band at first. This is a beautiful waltz and song, it’d be great to have sheet music posted for it.

Don’t think so…..

It’s a lament, and certainly not a waltz. I’m not aware of any lyrics being associated with this tune, so I don’t think it’s a song, eother. The “Boys Of The Lough”’s version was excellent, and I’d recommend that to you. I’ll look at the sleeve notes and post the information later.

Lochaber No More

From the “Boys of The Lough” LP sleeve notes :
“This serves as a good example of the interplay between the Scottish and Irish traditions. O‘Neill maintained that it was written in the 17th century by the Cavan harper Myles O’Reilly. John Glen in ”Early Scottish Melodies" 1900 argues strongly and convincingly of its’ Scottish origins. In the final analysis, it matters little, except as an example of the difficulty in attempting to separate completely the two traditions.
The setting we play here is a great favourite among the Scottish pipers who use it as a funeral march….a lament."


Since posting above 4 years ago, I’ve found this does have words, and has been recorded by Canada’s “Rankin Family”, [ and probably several others ] so “Silverwolff”, who posted the first comment was quite correct. I’d hazard a guess and say the lyrics came after the tune. I’d be interested to know what “Breabach”’s sleeve notes have to say about the origins of the song.

There’s a mistake in the listings above. There are actually 12 tracks on this album. The person who posted the recording has lumped tracks 4 and 5 together. Track 4 is 2 jigs, and Track 5 is the song “The Mountain Streams Where The Moorcocks Crow”.

The “Jackson’s” link is wrong. This “Jackson’s Jig” is the 3-part version of “Pay The Reckoning” which is in “A”.

Re: Lochaber No More

Thanks for posting that David 50 - I used to have that album many years ago, don’t remember what happened to it. To my ears Lochaber No More is slightly different to Lament for Limerick - more Scottish if that’s not too obvious. I had forgotten the late Robin Morton’s drum roll on the bodhran at the end - quite impressive!