Fonn Le Fonn

By Tomás Ó Ceannabháin

  1. The Harvest Home
    The Boys Of Bluehill
  2. The Humours Of Donnybrook
    The Bride’s Farewell
  3. Rolling On The Ryegrass
    The Lady On The Island
  4. Casadh An tSugain
  5. Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel
    The First House In Connaught
  6. Cherish The Ladies
  7. Madame Bonaparte
  8. The Flogging
    The Morning Star
  9. The Atlantic Sound
    The Quarrelsome Piper
  10. The Silver Spear
    Miss McLeod’s
  11. The Boys Of The Lough
    The Scholar
  12. The Ballintogher
  13. The Teetotaler
    The Ash Plant
  14. The Mug Of Brown Ale
    The Cook In The Kitchen
  15. George White’s Fancy
  16. The Tongs By The Fire
    A Health To The Ladies

One comment

Fonn le Fonn

The name was new to me but I bought the disc based on the selections -- for the most part pretty standard stuff. Jim McGuire from the Uilleann Pipe Mailing List says this:

“Very nice player and fellow, lives in Connemara. Plays a Crowley set and learned to play from his father.”

Solo flute and uilleann pipes by O’Ceannabhain, piano acc. by Eugene Kelly.

The tunes are well treated and cleanly rendered with bits of tasteful variation to keep them fresh. There is one slow air on the flute. It would seem as if the pianist can only play in one mode, and that can be distracting.