Traditional Music Of Ireland

By Various Artists

  1. The Four Courts
    Katie’s Fancy
  2. William Taylor
  3. Tha M’Inntinn Raoir
    Duke Of Gordon
    The Cameronian
    Lady Of The House
  4. Brian Boru’s March
    Sporting Paddy
    The Traveller
  5. Loftus Jones
  6. An Cailin Gaelach
  7. Sean Bhean Bhocht
  8. The Green Fields Of Canada
  9. Cuach Mo Lon Dubh Bui
    The Three Sea Captains
  10. The Sword In The Hand
    The Providence
    The Old Bush
  11. There Were Roses
  12. Blind Mary
  13. Yellow Tinker
    Lady Montgomery
    The Merry Harriers

Two comments

Compilation of tracks by Green Linnet artists, 1997. Track 3 also known as The Cameronian Set.

Re: Traditional Music Of Ireland

Released on Green Linnet’s budget-priced Celtophile label, this features (track by track)

1) Buttons and Bows;
2) Patrick Street;
3) Cherish the Ladies;
4) Joe Burke, Michael Cooney and Terry Corcoran;
5) Patrick Street;
6) Altan;
7) Moving Cloud;
8) Déanta;
9) Touchstone;
10) Matt Molloy and Seán Keane with Arty McGlynn;
11) Mick Moloney, Jimmy Keane and Robbie O’Connell with Liz Carroll;
12) Joanie Madden;
13) Altan.

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