Portrait Of A Scottish Fiddler

By Alasdair Fraser

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‘Portrait’ is Fraser’s debut album originally released in 1984 on Canada’s Brownrigg label.

The liner notes tell us that producer Bobby Brown met Alasdair while traveling to a festival on Cape Breton. After spotting a fiddle-toting Fraser casually dressed in a kilt and running shoes, he struck up a conversation only to learn that Fraser was en route to the same festival, on holiday to collect some of the "lost" Scottish tunes there, and was subsequently invited to travel with Brown and other members of the Cape Breton Symphony (which included such luminaries as Buddy MacMaster). So began the relationship between fiddler and band leader.

This is a shining example of Alasdair’s prowess on the fiddle, a sure music of immensely uplifting character and foundation.