Uncommon Bonds

By Mick Moloney

  1. St. Brendan’s Fair Isle
  2. The Road To Dunmore
  3. The Bow Legged Tailor
    The Galway
    April Fool
  4. Miss Fogarty’s Christmas Cake
  5. Sean McGlynn’s
  6. Bonny Blue-Eyed Nancy
  7. O’Hara, Hughes, McCreesh And Sands
  8. The Blackbird And The Hen
    Keane’s Farewell To Nova Scotia
  9. Mary In The Morning
  10. Farewell My Gentle Harp
  11. Muldoon The Solid Man
  12. The Curlew’s
    The Derry
  13. The Bay Of Biscay

Two comments

Track three is a set of jigs (I was fooled by “The Galway”)

Re: Uncommon Bonds

Mick Moloney & Eugene O’Donnell: Uncommon bonds. Green Linnet SIF1053, 1984.
Some credits and alternative references:
1. Saint Brendan’s fair isle (Jimmy Driftwood)
2. The road to Dunmore (Robbie O’Connell)
3.2 The Galway jig, aka. Eddie Kelly’s #2 (Eddie Kelly)
3.4 O’Lochlainn’s jig, aka. Kevin Loughlin’s (Kevin Loughlin)
4. Miss Fogarty’s Christmas cake {Roud #5000} (Traditional)
6. Bonny blue-eyed Nancy, aka. How can I live at the top of the mountain {Roud #3870} (Traditional)
7. O’Hara, Hughes, McCreesh and Sands (Seamus MacMathuna)
8.2 Keane’s farewell to Nova Scotia, aka. Morning mist (Jimmy Keane)
9. Mary in the morning, aka. Misty Mourne Shore (Tommy Sands)
12.1 The curlew’s reel, aka. The noisy curlew (Traditional)