The Fairy Bridges

By Josephine Keegan

  1. The Fairy Bridges
    O’Driscoll’s Travels
    Waiting For Paula
  2. Farewell To Eyrescourt
    The Basket Of Pebbles
  3. The Resting Chair
    The Poppy Leaf
    Patrick’s Night
  4. The Dance Of The Honey Bees
    An Droighead Beag
  5. Patsy Wilson’s
    Star Of Ireland
  6. Lament For Bert Murray
    The Butterfly
  7. St Anne’s
    Dillon Brown
  8. Adrian’s Gate
    The Threepoint Turn
    The Biloba Blossom
  9. The Chicago Fiddler
    Planxty Nicholas Carolan
  10. O’Hanlon’s Bridge
    The Copper Kettle
  11. High Jinks
  12. The Spider’s Web
    The Three Sea Captains
  13. Waltz Of The White Lady

Two comments

The Fairy Bridges

The Fairy Bridges
Josephine Keegan

Niall Ó Callanáin - Bouzouki
Kathleen Gavin - Piano, Fiddle

"This is the first time that Josephine Keegan has recorded on fiddle with an accompanist.

The previous five solo LP’s, made many years ago and now deleted, had Josephine double tracking her own piano accompaniment.

Now seventy years of age, she makes her first solo album for twenty-five years, having spent much of her musical life as accompanist to many other musicians.
It is now over half a century since she won her All-Ireland Oireachtas Gold Medal in 1955." …

Josephine Keegan

Although I’ve never met Josephine, I have found her to be a very friendly, warm-hearted and generous person with a great devotion to the music. She has kindly granted me permission to publish several of her tunes.

I have enjoyed her previous CD “The Keegan Tunes” and highly recommend it. I have just ordered “The Fairy Bridges” and look forward to a listen.