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The jig after Spancill Hill, The Corrs (Home)

I’d like to know its name and if it’s here yet on thesession.
I have the album but they don’t say the names of all the jigs that are played. BTW I love this jig.

EAA AGA|BcB Bcd|e=fe edB|1BAG A2G:|BAG A2e||
eaa age|aea b2a|egg gfd|BcB Bcd|
eaa age|aea b2a|e=fe edB|1BAG A2e:|2BAG A2G||

Re: The jig after Spancill Hill, The Corrs (Home)

Playing? … PLAYING?
Come off it

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Re: The jig after Spancill Hill, The Corrs (Home)

One of our whisltle players brought this to our local session a while ago. It is a nice tune, even if some people don’t like the source. I’ve searched all over the web and never come up with any abc matches. Might be a tune one of the Corrs made up on their own.

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Re: The jig after Spancill Hill, The Corrs (Home)

Aha, so it’s unknown. Well, I’m going to submit the album Home so I need a name…
And I will submit this tune as well. So… what about giving it the name "The Jig After Spancill Hill" ?
Too stupid? or does it work? Any suggestions?
Well, anyway if ever the name is finally found then I can change it.

Llig Leahcim, Could you tell us all clearly what you meant?

Re: The jig after Spancill Hill, The Corrs (Home)

LOL, asking Michael to clarify himself! Be careful what you wish for!

(Some people are a tad put off by the Corrs and similar bands who trade on The Music without really mastering it. Especially when they fuse it with pop, rock, etc. The Corrs aren’t noted for their trad chops.)

I think "Jig After Spancill Hill" will do fine, until someone tags it with the proper name (if it has one).

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Re: The jig after Spancill Hill, The Corrs (Home)

OK dumbos, I’ll rephrase: "Come off it, playing?"

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Re: The jig after Spancill Hill, The Corrs (Home)

well, you asked…

Home, The Corrs

Andrea Corr - Lead Vocals, Tin Whistle
Sharon Corr - Violin, Vocals
Caroline Corr - Bodhran, Vocals
Jim Corr - Guitar and Keyboards

Very good album with 10 songs (2 of them in Gaelic), 4 jigs, and a bonus track in the special DVD edition which is the hornpipe Return to Fingall.
I specially like the jig played after Spancill Hill, but I haven’t found its name so maybe it’s their composition. Until somebody finds its name I call it Jig After Spancill Hill.

Re: The jig after Spancill Hill, The Corrs (Home)

I could be wrong but is it not in A? Doesn’t sound like E minor to mise.

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A minor

I think you’re right, it’s in A minor. It’s still hard to me sometimes to know the key in some tunes like this, but now I see it clearly, in A minor.


Or in A dorian?? Oh… now I’m confused…


Please help! the key of that Gan Ainm… A minor or A dorian?

Post Spancill Hill

I think it should be called that.

Gan Ainm

Maybe, but anyway now I’ve found it called Gan Ainm, I think Jeremy prefered to call it that because that’s the name used when nobody knows the real name of a tune. So Gan Ainm works good for me.

BUT PLEASE, tell me the key of it so I can submit it! A minor or A dorian??

The tune has bits of both modes in it. It has both F#s and Fnats so you get to choose what to submit it as. If you want to keep your abc as you have it above, submit as Ador. If you want to post as Amin you’ll have to change your abc a bit by scrubbing out the = signs on your Fnats, and writing in ^ signs before all your F#s.