Wooden Flute Obsession: Volume 3, Disc 1

By Various Artists

Added by kkrell .

  1. Rohan Conlon’s
    Darragh Conlon’s
  2. Hurry The Jug
    Francie Dearg’s
  3. The Caucus At Secaucus
    Lady Gordon’s
  4. An Buachaillín Bán
    The Cliff Dwellers
  5. Splendid Isolation
    Patrick’s Night
  6. The Abbey
    Fred Finn’s
  7. The Furze In Bloom
    The Cat In The Corner
  8. The Rushes Green
  9. O’ot Be Est Da Vong
    Maid Of The House
  10. The Rainy Day
    The New Mown Meadows
  11. The Chorus
  12. The Flower Of The Flock
    The Twelfth Lock
    The Absentminded Woman
  13. The Thrush In The Storm
  14. Easter Snow
  15. Maud Miller’s
    The Fair-Haired Boy
    The Plough And The Stars
  16. The Return Of Spring
    The Mountain Pathway
    Up And Away
  17. It’s A Hard Road To Travel
    Swing Swang
  18. I Love You Not And Care For You Not
    Dillon’s Frolics
  19. Cailín Na Gruaige Doinne
    Peata Beag A Mháthair
    Anto’s Gambit
  20. My Love And I In The Garden
    Palmer’s Gate
  21. John Lardiner’s
    The Green Mountain
    Glen Allen
  22. Rud Beag Mall

Four comments

41 artists
95 tunes
1 passion

Kevin Krell, Executive Director of the International Traditional Music Society, Inc., has put together a third compilation of IT flutists. Most of the tracks on these CDs (see also WFO Volume 3, Disc 2) were recorded specifically for this award-winning project. A variety of playing styles are represented and are presented in a way that shows the richness of this diversity. The artists included on this CD are (in order of the listed tracks):

1. Gary Duffy
2. Conor Byrne
3. Noel Sweeney
4. Christy Barry
5. Geraldine McNamara
6. Sarah-Jane Woods
7. Desy Adams
8. Christine Dowling
9. Brendan Mulholland
10. Nicolas Buckmelter
11. Brid O’Donohue
12. John Lee
13. Frank Claudy
14. Peg McGrath
15. Seamus Mac Conaonaigh
16. Nicholas & Anne McAuliffe
17. Paddy O’Neill
18. Aoife Granville
19. Alan Doherty
20. Claus Steinort
21. David Migoya
22. Ronan Browne

More details about the above artists, accompanists, composers, flutes used, as well as information about other WFO Volumes can be found at http://www.worldtrad.org

And a huge ‘Thank You!’ to Kevin Krell and all the players….

… for sharing these tunes and illustrating the wide diversity of style. Wonderful to listen to and incredible to learn from.

Like it…

Just been having a listen to some of this again. Particularly like the lively playing in Track 10, by Nicolas Buckmelter [ and also the accompaniment ]. Many thanks for all of these, Kevin.