By De Dannan

  1. The Rights Of Man
    The Pride Of Petravore
  2. Teddy O’Neill
  3. Haley’s Favorite
    Kitty Come Over
    Mullin’s Fancy
    The Opera
  4. Eleanor Neary’s
    The Miller Of Droghan
  5. Smiling Bride
    The Handsome Young Maids
  6. A Shepherd’s Dream
    Ongo Bucharesti
  7. All The Fine Young Men
  8. The Stone Outside Dan Murphy’s Door
    Palm Trees Wave On High
    Pull Down The Blind
    A Mother’s Love Is A Blessing

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One of my favorite albums. Remarkable for the wonderful cello. Highlights are the first track, Rights of Man/Pride of Petravore, Dolores’s singing of Teddy O’Neill, The Miller of Droghan (that’s were Lunasa got it, btw), and the Jewish Reels (track 6). The last set of Waltzes finishes with a funny version of An Irish Boy Was Leaving.

Jewish Reels

The Jewish Reels are on of the best track on any album ever! I know that’s quite a statement but you’ve got to listen to them! If anyone has a copy of them, an I’ve posted this as a request before, please, please, please post it. If they can do it, so can me and my dad!

Re: Miller of Draghan

btw Frankie Gavin got that tune from a Swedish/ Irish (me) band I used to play with many years ago. I got the tune orginally from the excellent county Antrim fiddler Deirdre Shannon sometime in the mid-70s, who was the only person I had ever heard playing it. Not a lot of people know that.

The Irish Waltz Medley

The tunes in the Irish Waltz Medley are
a. The Stone Outside Dan Murphy’s Door (J. Patterson)
b. Palm Trees Wave on High (trad.)
c. Boulavogue (trad.)
d. Pull Down the Blind (trad.)
e. A Mother’s Love Is a Blessing (trad.)

There are a few errors with this listing, i.e. the album actually has 10 tracks with 2 songs missing from the listing. Also there is another reel after Mullin’s Fancy, i.e. the Opera Reel

who’s playing on this album

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De Dannan: Ballroom - Correct track/tune list, Who’s playing

I have the original LP from 1987. The lists of musicians, and of tracks/tunes, are taken directly from the liner notes.

The musicians are Alec Finn (bouzouki, guitar, harmonica), Dolores Keane (vocals), Frankie Gavin (fiddle, viola, flute, tin whistle, piano), Martin O’Connor (accordion), Johnny (Ringo) McDonnagh (bodhrán, bones, triangles). Caroline Lavelle plays cello on tracks 2, 5, 7, 8, and 9, and provides second vocals on tracks 4, 9, and 10.

The tracks and tunes are

1. Hornpipes: The Rights Of Man/The Pride Of Petravore (Percy French)
2. Teddy O’Neill
3. John Kimmel’s Jigs: Haley’s Favourite/Kitty Come Over; Reels: Mullins’ Fancy/The Opera Reel
4. The Sweet Forget-me-Not
5. Hornpipe: Eleanor Neary’s (Eleanor Neary); Reel: The Miller Of Drohan
6. Jigs: The Smiling Bride (Charlie Lennon)/The Handsome Young Maids (Charlie Lennon)
7. Far Away in Australia (Warfield/Byrne)
8. Two Jewish Reels: A Shepherd’s Dream/Onga Bucharesti
9. All The Fine Young Men (Eric Bogle)
10. Irish Waltz Medley (Waltzes): The stone outside Dan Murphy’s door (J. Patterson)/Palm trees wave on high/Boulavogue/Pull down the blind/A mother’s love is a blessing

All tunes are (Trad. arr. De Dannan) except where noted. Note that the group’s name on the LP album cover, liner notes and LP label is De Dannan, not De Danann. Miller of Drohan is also spelled Droghan in liner notes comments, and Drogan on LP label.