Wooden Flute Obsession: Volume 3, Disc 2

By Various Artists

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Kevin Krell, Executive Director of the International Traditional Music Society, Inc., has put together a third compilation of IT flutists. Most of the tracks on these CDs (see also WFO Volume 3, Disc 1) were recorded specifically for this award-winning project. A variety of playing styles are represented and are presented in a way that shows the richness of this diversity. The artists included on this CD are (in order of the listed tracks):

1. Norman Holmes
2. Ciaran Somers
3. Mick Mulvey
4. JP Downes
5. Shannon Heaton
6. Tina McSherry
7. Eileen Hassett
8. Paul McGlinchey
9. Leon Agnew
10. Kieran O’Hare & John Skelton
11. Davy Maguire
12. Louise Mulcahy
13. Caoimhín O’Raghallaigh
14. Tim Britton
15. Isaac Alderson
16. John Rynne
17. Mick O’Brien
18. Sean Moloney
19. Garry Walsh

More details about the above artists, accompanists, composers, flutes used, as well as information about other WFO Volumes can be found at http://www.worldtrad.org

No fair teasing us when it’s not really out yet. :(

It’s going to replication in a few days (masters done, graphics done) with a 10-12 day turn expected. Hey, I have to get all this info out there.

I’ve corrected a couple of minor typos to add "links".
Nobody has actually congratulated Kevin here on a superb 3rd compilation of flute players and music, so let me be the first.

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