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Sean Keane second solo album.

This is Seane Keane second solo album. I have only the old LP recording, published by Ogham in 1981. It seems it was never publish as a CD.

Sean Keane had no title for track 12, and he called it Rehearsal Room One in memory of his recording days with Ceoltoiri Chualann. I found the tune in a old Sean O’Riada LP, it is called O Love, lie beside me.

Ah, how lucky I was! I heard a couple of tracks from this recording on the net radio years ago and recorded them onto a minidisc. I occasionally listen to them.

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The above Sean Keane album is fantastic, and, to date, only available on vinyl. Definitely grab it if you see it. The tune that Sean plays before the Contradiction is sometimes called "Grants." BTW, that’s a photo of Dolores Keane’s brother, Sean. He’s a singer from Galway, NOT the world famous fiddle player from Dublin who plays with the Chieftains. OOPS!

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I was considering buying this secondhand on vinyl, because Sean Keane is a fiddle genius Gusty’s Frolics is one of the most amazing albums in Irish trad.

But I noticed the words "Piano - Derek Bell" on the list of credits. No disrespect to Derek Bell, but I’m really not a fan of piano accompaniment. Can anybody tell me how much of the album is unaccompanied and how much with piano?

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This isn’t "Gusty’s Frolics", which if I recall correctly is 100% solo fiddle - no guests on it at all.

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