By Iain MacInnes

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Tryst - Iain MacInnes

Yet another recording posted without any comment whatsoever. As far as I’m concerned, this is one of the best collections of Scottish pipe tunes ever recorded. Iain’s choice of tunes is excellent, some well-known and quite a few more obscure, all played to a very high standard on full Highland pipes, “small pipes”, and whistles, and superb arrangements throughout, with a stellar list of guest musicians including Tony McManus, Billy Jackson, Aidan O’Rourke, and Iain MacLeod.
If you ever buy only 1 recording of Scottish bagpipe music, I’d recommend this one.

Re: Tryst

Brilliant! Thank you Kenny for this recommendation, much appreciated… 🙂

Re: Tryst

I have to back up Kenny’s comments - even if it is nine years later. This is a glorious collection of tunes, lovely arrangements, played superbly.