By Ryan J. MacNeil

  1. Rector At The Feis
    The Humours Of Ballyloughlin
  2. The Black Rock
  3. Tarbolton Lodge
    The Humours Of Scariff
  4. Oh Dear
    Lady Nelly Wemyss’
    The Realignment Of Wheels
  5. The Marchioness Of Huntly
    Captain Campbell
    Hamish The Carpenter
    The St. Kilda Wedding
    Down The Broom
  6. Ferrintosh
    Sandy Cameron’s
    The Black Horse
    Over The Isles To America
    Miss Betty Anne Gordon
  7. The Big Wish
    Ramnee Ceilidh
    Little Donald In The Pigpen
  8. James O’Grady’s
    My Friend Buddy
  9. Southwind
    We’re A Lot The Bunch Of Us
  10. Jenny Belle Lane

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"Ryan J. MacNeil: Piper"

MacNeil Woodwinds, 2005
Ryan J. MacNeil ~ Cape Breton piper

Ryan J. MacNeil ~ Mac Neil Woodwinds


"Welcome to MacNeil Woodwinds, home to custom-designed whistles….created by a musician for musicians.

As a professional piper/whistler, Ryan J. Mac Neil has applied his firsthand familiarity to his instrument designs. Demand for Ryan’s unique craftsmanship started among his intimate circle of musician friends and today his whistles are sought after across North America and Europe."

Ryan J. MacNeil ~ "BEÒLACH"


Bio ~ http://www.beolach.com/bios/bio-ryan.htm

& the following info from: http://www.celtic-colours.com/

"Ryan J. MacNeil (Cape Breton)
Originally from Big Pond and now residing in Port Hood, Cape Breton, Ryan is known as a powerful yet graceful player. This accomplished musician has mastered his instruments (highland bagpipe, border pipes and whistles) and brings a unique personal flavour to the music he plays. MacNeils electrifying upbeat playing is strongly rooted in Cape Breton’s dance oriented tradition. In the past several years Ryan has become increasingly renown as a talented composer. His tunes have been performed and recorded by many musicians, both locally and abroad.
To top it all off, Ryan manufactures a line of his own whistles! The "MacNeil whistle" comes from a culmination of technical training. Ryan used his playing experience and practical skills to develop a whistle which rivals any other on the market. Its strong, mellow tone and easy playability are quickly making it the choice of players worldwide. Ryan is getting ready to release his first solo recording."

Featuring Ryan on highland bagpipe, border pipes and whistles, Paddy Gillis (guitar), Sheamus MacNeil (guitar / fiddle), Katriona MacNeil (vocals / accordion), Wendy MacIsaac (piano), Gordie Simpson (guitar / bass / piano) and Fred Lavery (guitar).

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"MacNeil Woodwinds" ~ website is no longer active

It seems that this website is no more…