Gaelic Roots

By Various Artists

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Boston College Irish Studies Program

Séamus Connolly went through boxes of tapes of recordings from workshops, lectures and concerts which had taken place at the Boston College Gaelic Roots Festivals of 1993 & 1995.

This is a beautiful compilation set. Thank You to Séamus Connolly for putting this together.

I fell completely in love with Seamus Egan’s playing! His set blew me away. Although everything is stunning.
As this is a 2 disc set, The tracks listed in numeric order for Jeremy’s database.

Disc 1
1. Sean Potts (tin whistle),
2. Paddy Keenan (uilleann pipes), Mark Simos (guitar), Cathal Hayden (fiddle)
3. Seamus Egan (flute), John Williams (accordion), Tony Cuffe (guitar)
4. Johnny O’Leary (accordion), Jackie Daly (accordion), Maire O’Keeffe (fiddle)
5. John McGann (mandolin)
6. Natalie MacMaster (fiddle), Tracey Dares (piano)
7. Daithi Sproule (singer/guitar), James Kelly (fiddle)
8. Tony Ellis (banjo), Debbie Norris (harp)
9. Joe Derrane (accordion), Maureen Kelly (piano)
10. Zan McLeod (guitar)
11. Liz Carroll (fiddle), Zan McLeod (bouzouki)
12. Fourin na Feire: Carol Barney (guitar), Patrick Hutchinson (tin whistle, Bridget Fitzgerald (sean-nos sidger),
Roger Burridge (fiddle)
13. Bobbie Harman (uilleann pipes)
14. Gerry O’Connor (banjo), Daithi Sproule (guitar)

Disc 2:
1. Jerry O’Sullivan (uilleann pipes)
2. Maire O’Keeffe (fiddle),Jackie Daly (accordion)
3. Eileen leers (fiddle), Mark Simos (guitar)
4. Tony Ellis (banjo), Debbie Norris (harp)
5. Les Quebecois: Benoit Legault (piano), Daniel Lemieux (fiddle), Normand Legault (bones/dancer),Raynald Ouellet (accordion)
6. Mairin Ui Cheide (sean-nos singer)
7. Gerry O’Connor (banjo), Daithi Sproule (guitar)
8. James Keane (accordion)
9. Tony Cuffe (harp)
10. Johnny 0’Leary (accordion)
11. Buddy MacMaster (fiddle), Barbara MacDonald Magone (piano)
12. Cathal Hayden (fiddle)
Paddy Keenan (uilleann pipes), Mark Simos (guitar)
13. Paddy O’Brien (accordion), James Kelly (fiddle), Daithi Sproule (guitar)