Champions Of Ireland - Mandolin

By Marina Meyler

  1. Teetotaller
    Drowsy Maggie
  2. The Musical Priest
    The Old Blackthorn
  3. For Ireland I Won’t Say Her Name
  4. Sweeney’s
    The Ballydesmond
  5. Paddy’s Resource
    Cook In The Kitchen
  6. Wrap The Green Flag Around Me Boys
    Dawning Of The Day
    Sean South Of Garryowen
  7. The Mountain Road
    The Mason’s Apron
  8. The Tenpenny Bit
    Gan Ainm
    Sixpenny Money
  9. The Belfast
  10. The Kesh
    The Merry Rover
  11. Eamonn An Cnoic
  12. Mulhaire’s No. 9
    Bunch Of Keys

Four comments

Sorry for the amount of Gan Ainms but I lost the contents sheet and only have the files saved to my computer. Maybe someone with the CD can enlighten us.

As for the CD, its almost awful. The slow airs have way too much reverb. And she misses a good few notes which gets a little annoying. I wouldn’t reccomend this CD but maybe her Rosy Remedy album will be better.

Love to know where she got the title of Champion. I know of a few other Mandolin players who could challenge her to that title.

Definitley. Had she won any big competitions in Mandolin (Fleadhs etc)?