The Darkest Midnight: A Celtic Nativity

By The Beggar Boys Featuring Jayne Tankersley

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  1. The Darkest Midnight In December
  2. Christmas Eve
    The Ships Are Sailing
    The Bag Of Spuds
  3. The Angel Gabriel
  4. Captain Campbell
    Christmas Day In Da’ Morning
    The New Christmas
  5. I Sing Of A Night In Bethlehem
  6. Suo Gan
  7. An Angel Bright
  8. A Merry Christmas
    The Humors Of Winter
    The Blazing Turf Fire
    Nothing Can Sadden Us
  9. The Cherry Tree Carol
  10. Eight Candles And A Christmas Tree
    The Sharing Of Port
  11. Rorate Caeli Desuper
  12. All Around The Holly Tree
    Christmas Comes But Once A Year
    New Year’s Eve
    Andy De Jarlis

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The Darkest Midnight/The Beggar Boys

Independent label: Beggar Boys records disc # BBXM0401
Available on and and at Beggar Boys concerts.

Jayne Tankersley, a New Zealand native, adds her ethereal voice to this album. Great alternative to the usual Celtic Christmas recordings.