Traditional Irish Dance Music

By Various Artists

  1. The Glass Of Beer
    Forget Me Not
  2. The Luck Penny
    The Humours Of Ennistymon
  3. Showman’s Fancy
    The Cuckoo
  4. Dicky Sherlock’s
    Farewell To Erin
    The Belles Of Tipperary
    Down The Broom
  5. Strike The Gay Harp
    Jimmy Ward’s
  6. Wrap The Green Flag Around Me Boys
    20 Men From Dublin Town
  7. The Sally Gardens
    The Silver Spear
    Father Kelly’s
  8. Gurteen Cross
    Memories Of Ballymote
  9. The Bag Of Spuds
    The New Copperplate
  10. The King Of The Fairies
  11. Speed The Plough
    Toss The Feathers
    The Humours Of Ballyconnell
  12. The Mason’s Apron
  13. Shamrock Hill
    The Swan
  14. Nine Points Of Roguery
    Swinging On The Gate
    Toss The Feathers
    The Oak Tree
  15. The Centenary March
  16. Fr. Tom’s Wager
    The Hag With The Money
    Paddy’s Resource

Seven comments

CD with Ceili sets from bands like Bridge Ceili Band. Not fantastic and nothing to get your hopes up about. Track No. 4 is a nice one. Other than than, it’s easy listening.

- I’m surprised Crehan’s isn’t in the database. It probably is under a different name because it’s a very popular tune.

- The Luck Penny is here. Just search for the tune.

- The Showman’s fancy is a set of two hornpipes, the first of which is the Showman’s fancy and the second one they didn’t give a name for.

- Dick Sherlock’s is in the database.

- Belles of Tipperary refers to "THe New Policeman" not "Miss Monaghan".

- Track 6 consists of two popular marches under those names. You probably know them.

- Father Kelly’s is the version in G.

- Bag of Spuds in version in A dor.

- Sean Ryan’s consists of two hornpipes. One presumabley his, but I can’t give more details because I never heard them.

- Floating Crowbar is in the database.

- Centenary March is in the database.

Tune titles

If you include "The" at the start of tunes like "The Floating Crowbar" and "The Luck Penny" when you’re adding the recording, the links will show up fine. I’ve edited the relevant tracks so that the titles now include the word "The".

Sean Ryan’s

I have a similar disk from Aran that seems to have some of the same tracks. Based on the similarity (I don’t have your CD) I can make some guesses that you may want to check:
Track 13 may be Shamrock Hill followed by
Sean Ryan’s (aka The Swan).
Track 16 might just be Fr. Tom’s wager / The Hag with the Money / Paddy’s Resource.
If this works I can probably make similar deductions the other way… Would you be able to post a couple of bars from the reel you call Crehan’s?
Thanks, Amir

- Yes, you are right about track 13 thanks.

- Also right about track 16 thanks.

- I got Crehan’s reel from a Davey McNevin tape ages ago. I’ve found out that in actual the tune is a reel composed by Larry Redican called "Forget me Not" and also known as Martin Rochford’s. It’s in the database.

The Showman’s Fancy

The second hornpipe on track 3 is The Cuckoo.

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