Na Keen Affair

By Paddy Keenan

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Paddy Keenan played in Providence a couple of years ago, after his set we talked & he gave me a copy of this album. Maybe it’s just me - but this album has a sad twinge to it. Sure it’s got bright singles & reels - but the Airs are very sad. On the inside tray cover there is a very enigmatic "I’m sorry" as well as "Puff Porch" written amongst the picture of the snow covered trees. I imagine the porch is where he’d go to puff, but the "I’m sorry" part has a bit of a sad feel, that same feel that makes it’s way into the airs & too a lesser extent the airs. It’s great album nonetheless with killer tunes to boot.

This is a gorgeous album!

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Na Keen Affair

Elric, where’s my CD?! OK, you can keep it: I know, it’s too good.