Stay Another While

By Paul O’Shaughnessy And Frankie Lane

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  1. The Priest In His Boots
    The Leitrim
  2. The Piper In The Cave
  3. The Boy In The Boat
    Máire Na Sop
    Miss Monaghan’s
  4. The Gold Ring
  5. Black Is The Colour
  6. New Artane Roundabout
  7. Stay Another While
    Chattering Magpie
  8. Jimmy Bhidi Mhici’s
  9. Bundle And Go
    Two Francie Dearg Jigs
  10. Highland
    Lord Moira’s Welcome To Scotland
    Paddy ’n Atharaí
  11. The Swallow’s Tail
    Paddy Mills’ Fancy
    The Donegal Traveller
  12. The Silver Slipper
    The Dusty Miller
  13. The Low Highland
    Gweebarra Bridge
    The Nine Pint Coggie
  14. Arís Le Jimmy Bhidi Mhici

Two comments

This is a duplicated post with much more correct details.

Hi Dave. Check the title of this recording. It’s “Stay *Another* While” as posted here!