Skin And Bow

By Declan Folan And Junior Davey

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  1. Maurice Lennon’s
    The Curlews
  2. Natural Progression
  3. Gillespie’s
    Drummond Castle
  4. Bodhran Solo
    The Donegal
  5. Over The Broken Bridge
  6. The Tempest
    Farrell O’Gara’s
    The Clogger Quilt
  7. The Rose On The Heather
    Out On The Ocean
  8. The Dowry
    Brid Harper’s
  9. Jenny Picking Cockles
    The Bells Of Tipperary
    Julia Delaney
  10. The Slatted House
    The Killavil
  11. Phil Cunningham’s
  12. Larry Reddigan’s
  13. Knoc-Na-Gow
  14. Folan’s
    The Hunter’s Purse
    Charlie Lennon’s
  15. Gold Ring
  16. Cuz Teahan’s
    The Road To Glountane
  17. Maurice Lennon’s
    The Road To Cashel

Eleven comments


It’s actually Declan Folan, not Foley
Great album- brilliant tunes.

great fiddle playing.

Really, REALLY bad bodhran playing.

(this album is often cited as an example of:
a. How inappropriate bodhran playing can be
b. How great tune playing can trancend really bad backing. almost.)

A different opinion

great fiddle playing.
Really, REALLY excellent bodhran playing.
(this album is often cited as an example of:
a. How to play the bodhran properly
b. How great tune playing can be enhanced by really good backing

I have to agree with groxburgh…fantastic bodhran playing. The new album (A Sound Skin) is equally as good.

Junior Davey is a 5-time All-Ireland on the bodhran. I guess he’s not too bad.

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I have it on good authority that Junior himself is somewhat unconfortable with his playing on this album (though i’m happy to be corrected on this - i hope it’s true though, shows how people grow musically etc.)…and goes to show that what it takes to make music and what it takes to win compititions can sometimes be very different, er, skill-sets.

each to their own - I’m just glad the tricksy-tricksiness style is slowly dying awaynow, for a while there it seemed the music was being swamped in single endedy-synco-triplet b*llox

Track 1 “Road to Cashel” is the Curlews by Josephine Keegan.
“Gillespie’s” is The Banks of Newfoundland and Drummond Castle. I assume they’re called Gillespie’s because the set comes from the recording “Traditional Music From London” by John Blake, Lamond Gillespie and Mick Leahy.
“Donegal Reel” is Sheila Coyle’s.
Over the Broken Bridge I know as “Across the Fence” by Brendan McGlinchey.
Lambert’s is the Tar Road to Sligo.
Bell of Tipperary is just missing a plural or it would be linked to Belles of Tipperary/The New Policeman.
Fahy’s is Julia Delany’s.
Crawford’s is The Aughacashel.
McGann’s is The Rambler as on “Up Close” by Kevin Burke.
Charlie Lennon’s is the Leitrim Lilter.
The Second tune of Molloy’s Favourite is Cuz Teahan’s.
Maurice Lennon’s on the last track is the Road to Garrison.
Awesome fiddle playing and great tunes. A must for anyone learning fiddle.

Phil Cunningham´s

The Link is misleading.


I’m with SirNose - it’s daft and silly! The exhibition bodhran detracts from the music and the fiddle, to the point of spoiling it, for me anyway… Yes, amazing, but what has it got to do with the music? It isn’t, for me, complementary, not I guess is my comment on it, obviously…

Re: Skin And Bow

The link to Phil Cunningham’s is not what is actually on the album.
Does anybody know what the actual tune is?