At The Feis - Irish Dance Music In Strict Tempo

By John Doonan

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John Doonan - At the Feis: Irish Traditional Dance Music in Strict Dance Tempo

Topic - 12TS368 - 1978

Recorded & produced by Bill Leader in 1977, it is the second album released by Newcastle flute and piccolo player John Doonan, a well-known player at feisanna in the North-East of England and in Scotland throughout the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

He is accompanied by Malcolm Armstrong on guitar and Brian Pandrich on piano.

Too jolly for a Banshee

The last tune on the last track is given on the sleeve as The Lilting Fisherman (thanks Dragut …).

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Track No.4 "The Idel Road " links through to the Cordal, but this is not the same tune that John Doonan plays on this recording, can someone unlink it?

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Idle Road - re-linked.

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….but what is the 3rd tune on track 4? I’m sure it’s not The Black Rogue.