Ná Keen Affair

By Paddy Keenan

  1. Jenny’s Wedding
    Gregg’s Pipes
  2. Cuckoo’s Nest
  3. The Flagstone Of Memories
    Molly Bawn
  4. Kildevil Air
  5. Corner House
    Tripping Up The Stairs
  6. Herb Reids
    She Said She Couldn’t Dance
    Shootin’ The Bull
  7. Dinny O’Brien’s
    Garden Of Daisies
  8. Lad O’Beirne’s
    The Old Copperplate
  9. Johnny’s Tune, For The Avalon
  10. Scotch Mary
    The Earl’s Chair
    The Old Pigeon On The Gate
  11. Out On The Ocean
  12. Bonnie Kate
    Rakish Paddy
    Ivy Leaf

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Paddy Keenan played in Providence a couple of years ago, after his set we talked & he gave me a copy of this album. Maybe it’s just me - but this album has a sad twinge to it. Sure it’s got bright singles & reels - but the Airs are very sad. On the inside tray cover there is a very enigmatic “I’m sorry” as well as “Puff Porch” written amongst the picture of the snow covered trees. I imagine the porch is where he’d go to puff, but the “I’m sorry” part has a bit of a sad feel, that same feel that makes it’s way into the airs & too a lesser extent the airs. It’s great album nonetheless with killer tunes to boot.

This is a gorgeous album!

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Na Keen Affair

Elric, where’s my CD?! OK, you can keep it: I know, it’s too good.

Re: Ná Keen Affair

Paddy Keenan - uilleann pipes & low whistle …with;
Arty McGlynn - guitar
Tommy Peoples - fiddle
Seamus Creagh - fiddle
Niall Vallely - concertina
Tommy O’Sullivan - guitar
Gerry Strong - whistle
Don Walsh - keyboards, bass, guitar
Jim Fidler - percussion
Sandy Morris - guitar
Fergus O’Byrne - bodhrán