Ómós Do Joe Cooley

By Frankie Gavin and Paul Brock

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A Tribute To Joe Cooley

A superb album, good tunes, good musicians, buy it.

A Tribute To Joe Cooley

Gael-Linn CEF CD 115 distributed by C.M.Distribution,2-4 High Street, Starbeck,Harrogate,North Yorkshire tel 01423-888979 or in Ireland by Gael-Linn, 26, Merrion Square,Dublin2 I don’t know if there’s a website,


One of my all-time favourites. Great energy and emotional punch. It has some really classic tunes on it, as you can see from the track-list - so many of them have been submitted to the tunes section. Am I right in remembering that it was all played in Eb, though? No problem for learning the tunes on a whistle, but could pose a problem for some people in that respect.

A Tribute to Joe Cooley – Frankie Gavin

I’ve been looking for this recording for a while now, tried the usual places in Dublin Celtic Note, Mulligans etc. Also tried through Amazon and a few other providers.
Celtic Note tried to order it for me but apparently it’s not being re-issued.

Anyone know where (website or other) I can get my hands on this and other hard to come by CDs.


Tribute To Joe Cooley by Frankie Gavin, Paul Brock, Charlie Lennon

I came across this CD in one of the Discussions on this site (a Llig posting I think) and bought it last week. Get it - it’s an absolute cracker - I especially like the crisp fiddle playing - a great example of how to use (and vary) ornamentation.

…..by the way, I got my copy from sales@allcelticmusic.com

(I see from this and other threads that some folk have had difficulty finding this CD)

Track 12

I believe one reel played is not mentioned on the CD and here on Thesession : O’Rourke’s Reel is played between The Ships Are Sailing and The Wild Irishman…

“O‘Rourke’s” is sometimes called “The Wild Irishman”, and that’s the case here. Without checking, I’m pretty sure it’s a set of 5 reels - “O’Rourke’s” in the middle, only with the other title.

There is some sublime playing here, but the recording is marred by the tracks all cutting off abruptly before the last note fades. I know this may sound trivial but it’s enough to yank me out of reverie after every set. Are there versions of this recording out there that don’t do this?

Mine’s OK…

Not apparent on my CD. All tracks end on the final note of the tune held for about 3 seconds - nothing “abrupt” about the endings at all.

Thanks Kenny, I’ll see about tracking down a hard copy.

Re: A Tribute To Joe Cooley

It’s not showing up above, but you can get this through iTunes. One of the best Irish recordings ever, IMHO.