The Hop Down

By Breda Keville

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  1. Palm Sunday
    An Boithrin Cam
  2. The West WInd
    For The Sake Of Old Decency
  3. Ros A Mhil Cois Cuain
  4. Sean O Duibhir A’Gleanna
    Poll Ha’penny
  5. The New Road
    My Love Is In America
  6. The Ewe
    Paddy Fahey’s
    Paddy Fahey’s
  7. The Cuckoo
  8. The Ragged Hank Of Yarn
    The Hairy Chested Frog
  9. The Ceilier
  10. Sail Og Rua
  11. Paddy Fahey’s
    Paddy Fahey’s
    Paddy Fahey’s
  12. Blackwaterside
  13. Eileen Curran
    The Rainy Day
  14. The Gallowglass
    Kitty’s Rambles
  15. The Morning Mist
    The Monasterevin Fancy
  16. Bean An Fhir Rua
  17. Clancy’s
  18. Mary Brennan’s Favourite
    The Fowler On The Moor
  19. The Hop Down

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Lovely fiddle recording with a few songs thrown in with some help from Claire Keville, Liam Lewis and Terence O’Reilly

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Breda Keville: Hop Down

I just got this album and am totally blown away. It’s about as close as I’ve heard any younger players get to the sound of fiddlers like Bobby Casey and Junior Crehan.


gorgeous music and voice. old style with lovely ornamentation.
trad as it should be

Track #9

Track #9 is a set of two Reavy tunes. The one following the Ceilier is listed on this CD as simply "Reavy’s" but Reavy himself titled it "Brian Quinn’s" after a relative. Great tune, and superbly played by the Keville sisters.