Tiomnacht / Handed On

By Eoin O Riabhaigh

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  1. Lark On The Strand
    King Of The Pipers
    Give Me A Cup Of Water
  2. Tomgraney Castle
    Spellan The Fiddler
  3. Bean Dubh A’ Ghleanna
  4. O’Neill’s
    I Won’t Be A Nun
  5. Colonel Frazier
  6. Carson’s
    Kenny Baker’s
  7. The Fox Chase
    Fiach An Mhadra Rua
  8. A Rainy Day
    Eillie Curran’s
  9. Scottish Medley
    Meascra Albanach
  10. The Baile Bhuirne
    Murphy’s (Jenny Lind)
    The Offspring
    Fr. Jones
  11. An Chuileann
  12. The Moving Cloud
    Peter Street
  13. The Killimur
    The Gold Ring
  14. Bluegrass In The Backwoods

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One of my favourite pipe albums. I have his version of "the Gold Ring" on my iPod need to learn list. I love his version of I won’t be a nun. I got Denis Brooks playing of it ( he is also on the album as part of the uilleann pipe marching band) at the Seattle tionol. His father taugh Maire Na Ghrada who is also a splendid piper.

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Eclectic, a clear expression of character ~ and a hell of a lot of fun too… 😉

This only recently passed my way on the way to someone else, a young and promising uilleann piper, who just scored a practice set for 6 months and for who we hope to find a decent practice set he can call his own. I’ve confidence he’ll survive the first six months, he has great character already… I’m enjoying this before heading out for more music of the live kind, at least a pint’s worth. I will be chasing up a copy of this for myself, despite some curious accompaniment here and there… It’s on my list of wants for my upcoming birthday and Christmas 2009…

tracks ~ some expression of what I mean by ‘character’:

1.) jigs

2.) hornpipes

3.) slow air

4.) marches ~ en masse ~ 7 uilleann pipers: Mick O’Brien, Máire Ní Ghráda, Mícheál Ó Riaghaigh (Eoin’s brother), Tommy Keane, Dennis Brooks, Kieran Ryan ~ and Tommy Hynes on snare drum adds to the craic of giving it that ‘pipe band’ feeling ~ brilliant!!! Now if only we could get a slew of those Johnny Doran steps made so we could actually have this and everyone upright and marching.

5.) reel

6.) waltzes

7.) piece

8.) reels

9.) air / waltz / fling

10.) polkas

11.) slow air

12.) reels

13.) jigs

14.) bluegrass in the backwoods ~ Kenny Baker’s "American Reel" ~ in company with Frankie Gavin and MattCranitch, guitarist Tom Stephens, 5-string banjoist Jimmy Kelly, and bassist Pete Brennan ~ YEE HA!!!

And this comes with a booklet full of notes and few pictures, including the pipers en masse from track 4… So, when do we get a full CD of mass piping on uilleann pipes? I wonder what the proper collective noun would be? ~ ‘a ______ of uilleann pipers’? ~ and ‘elbow’?

Other talents involved in this recording ~ Peter Brennan, Dennis Brooks, Matt Cranitch, Pat Crowley, John Faulkner, Alec Finn, Grankie Gavin, Jimmy Hynes, Tommy Keane, Jimmy Kelly, Colm Murphy, Máire Ní Ghráda, Mick O’Brien, Conal Ó Gráda, Seán Ó Loinsigh, Mícheál Ó Riaghaigh (Eoin’s brother), Kieran Ryan, Tome Stephens, Chris Twomey ~ and you’ll just have to purchase this to get the insert that tells what they all do, with a list of the production team too…

Track #9, tune #3, the ‘fling’, not unusually, played like a reel, but nicely done as such… 😉

"Eoin O’Riabhaigh: Handed On" ~ uilleann piper extraordinaire

As I sit and let this wash over me in this heat, all this, a polka set, marches ~ there’s not a track on this recording I don’t love, including the concluding one, bless him, jolly stuff…
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A sad note on that previously mentioned ‘young and promising uilleann piper’, he and his family got the loan of that practice set and disappeared with it, and we haven’t heard from them since. Sad when you do something for someone and they abuse your generosity and trust, and rob that opportunity for others. 🙁