By Gearóid Ó HAllmhuráin And Patrick Ourceau

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A beautiful album, a real gem in this time of super-group speed hype. The music is very traditional, the tempos quite moderate, and the playing is marvellous. The concertina & fiddle blend well, and the accompanyment is sparse and tasteful. An album that will grow on you every time you listen to it.

BTW, the name should be spelled like this: Gear

Sounds excellent

I need to go out & get it right now, it sounds like perfect Clare music.

One Of My Favorites

This album is great for any occasion, even background for dinner! It IS really nice to get away from the speed for a while. I think a lot of tunes would be enjoyed much more if they were slowed down a bit.


I’ve met Patrick and done workshops with him. He always stresses the musicality of tunes and isn’t one to play everything at warp speed. A refreshing change.

Kit O’Mahoney’s Hornpipe

Here is a setting of the hornpipe featured on this album that was taught to me by Patrick a few years back. On the album is is played down a whole step; he was playing a fiddle tuned down to FCGD.

This tune is also in O’Neill’s 1850, #1593.

I am told that Kit O’Mahoney is Francis O’Neill’s mother.

X: 1
T: Kit O’Mahoney’s
S: Patrick Ourceau
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Dmaj
B2Bc ABAG|FGAB cAFA|~f3d ecFD|1 D2G G2GA:|2 D2G 2GD:|
GABc d2 g2|defd cAFA|GABc d2ef|gagf d2ef|
gBdg fAAd|efed (3Bcd eg|fafd ecAF|1 D2G2 G3D:|1 D2G2 G3A:|


Kit O’Mahoney’s - Corrected

Apologies, all. The transcription above is wrong for several reasons. Here is the corrected version, and promise to be more thourough next time.


X: 1
T: Kit O’Mahoney’s
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: Hornpipe
K: Gmaj
B2Bc ABAG|FGAB cAFA|f3d ecAF|1 D2G2 G2GA:|2 D2G2 G3D:|
GABc d2 g2|defd cAFA|GABc dgef|gagf d2ef|
gBdg fAAd|efed (3Bcd eg|fafd ecAF|1 D2G2 G3D:|1 D2G2 G3A:|

Just heard the Flowers of the Burren set on Clare FM. Agree with Bloomfield’s comment - great pace. I’ll be buying the album.

Out of print?

Anybody know where to buy this album? I’ve been looking for it for years.

Re: Tracin’

A long shot, does anyone have the notes for the McAuliffe’s Mason Apron? Thanks