By Touchstone

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The follow-up to the debut album The New Land. After finding it in a small NC music and crafts store, I decided I’d post it in light of the recent passing of Micheal O Domhnaill. He plays guitar on Invisible Wings/Faoilean and synthesizer on the final track White Snow,

Triona Ni Dhomhnaill penned White Snow, Invisible Wings/Faoilean, and The Lonely Wanderer. Faoilean was originally written in English, and the Irish lyrics later added by friend and poet Michael Davitt.

The title track is by Claudine Langille and is unlike anything else on the album. It reminds me of something out of an 80’s Dungeons and Dragons-type movie, cheesy electric guitar riffs and all. But despite being panned on its release the rest of the album seems pretty solid to me.

Garcon A Marier, Orgies Nocturnes and Dans Fisel are all related as Breton tunes in the liner notes. It states that Claudine Langille got the version of the King’s Favorite from banjo player Gerry O’Connor at The Meeting Place in Dublin. The Last Chance is a touch of the American cofounders of the band, coming form the Virginia banjo picking of Hobart Smith.