Traditional Dance Music Of Ireland

By Various Artists

  1. The Sally Gardens
    The Mason’s Apron
  2. Gurty’s Frolic
  3. Louis Quinn’s
  4. David’s Delight
  5. The Sweep’s
  6. Bunker Hill
    Tommy Whelan’s
  7. Please Give A Penny To The Poor Old Man
  8. Stormy Weather
  9. The Gosson That Bate His Father
  10. The Copperplate
    The Boys Of The Spuds
  11. Carracastle Lasses
    The Woman Of The House
  12. Biddy The Bowl Wife
    I Lost My Love And I Care Not
    King Of The Cannibal Islands
  13. The New Lough Isle Castle
  14. Marry When You’re Young
  15. Lord Gordon’s
  16. The Boys Of The Lough
    The Skylark
  17. Music In The Glen
  18. The Hare Among The Heather
    The Woman Of The House
  19. Paddy O’Brien’s
  20. McKenna’s
    The Tinker’s Apron
    The Donegal
  21. The Red-Haired Boy
  22. O’Malley’s
    The Luck Penny
  23. The Salamanca
  24. The First Of May
  25. The Trumpet
    The Locomotive
  26. The Banks Of The Ilen
  27. The Dark Girl Dressed In Blue
  28. The Floggin’
  29. Johnson’s
    The Golden Eagle
  30. The Mason’s Apron
  31. The Independent
  32. Paddy’s Own
    The Launch
  33. Music At The Gate
  34. The Basket Of Oysters
    Jackson’s Rum Punch
  35. O’Brien’s Fancy
    Garret Barry’s
  36. The Boys Of Ballisadare
  37. The Passing Cloud

Ten comments

“Traditional Dance Music of Ireland” ~ recordings of Peter Kennedy

Saydisc CD-SDL 420, 1997 ~ 75 minutes.

Part of this review by Geoff Wallis:

"During the 1990s the Gloucestershire based Saydisc label released a number of CDs drawing upon Peter Kennedy’s recordings of traditional music taped during the 1950s and 1960s and subsequently issued in cassette format by Kennedy on his own Folktracks label (later renamed Folktrax). Field recordings made then regularly suffered from poor sound quality, so it is pleasing that the original reel-to-reel recordings which constitute this album have been partially cleaned up through transfer to Digital Audio Tape (though they might still benefit from further treatment).

Traditional Dance Music of Ireland is the best of Saydisc’s Irish releases by some stretch and the reason consists of two words: John Doherty. As owners of the RTÉ album The Donegal Fiddle will already know, Doherty was at the peak of his powers in the 1950s and the evidence is here on ten of this album’s thirty-seven tracks, even if all, bar one, are just over one minute long." ~

John Doherty, Donegal fiddler ~ the tracks:

2. ) Gurty’s Frolics
7. ) Please Give A Penny to the Poor Old Man
8. ) Stormy Weather
13.) The New Lough Isle Castle
14.) Marry When You’re Young
15.) Lord Gordon’s
23.) The Salamanca
24.) The First of May
27.) Dark Girl Dressed in Blue
28.) The Floggin’

“Traditional Dance Music of Ireland”

Further on the Doherty recordings, track 7, “Please Give a Penny to the Poor Old Man” was played for dancing the last figure of “The Lancers”, the figure also known as “The Lancers”. Another gem is a polka, “Dark Girl Dressed in Blue”…

Here follows the other tracks and artists featured:

1, 2, 6, 10, 16, 19, 22, 25, 29, 31, 35, 37 ~ Jimmy Hogan & The Jimmy Hogan Trio

4, 30 ~ Tom Turkington

5, 17, 26 ~ Paddy Taylor

9 ~ Sean Maguire

11, 18, 36 ~ Michael Gorman & Margaret Barry

12, 20 ~ The McCusker Brothers Ceili Band

32 ~ Paddy Breen

33 ~ Seamus Ennis

34 ~ Johnny Pickering

9.) This features the father of the fiddlers Jim and Sean Maguire / McGuire, Sean senior, or John, on a ‘flageolet’ as compared to a whistle, and for a comparison in tonal differences there’s the track 33 with Seamus Ennis on a whistle. Pa Maguire played winds ~ flute, piccolo, whistle, flageolet ~ and fiddle…

For a bio of Sean McGuire

FTX-376 "The Maid of the House ~ Folktrax recording

Special Message - June 12th 2006

We are sorry to announce that the founder and proprietor of Folktrax, Peter Kennedy, sadly passed away on Saturday 10th June 2006. Peter had been ill with cancer for some time. Peter will be very sadly missed by his many family, friends and associates.

Traditional Dance Music of Ireland- Track 11

I believe Track 11 has the Woman of the House as the second tune after Carracastle Lasses.

Thanks enirehtac, appreciated ~ sadly there’s no way to edit in an additional track and I forgot to add ‘gan ainm’ as I usually do for an unlisted tune in a set, and before making a search for it in memory or online…

Jimmy Hogan & The Jimmy Hogan Trio ~ great music

Just added confirmation that I’m not just bias to fiddle and Donegal music, this is the only recording I know of that has recordings by this artist, and we love em… I like the whole CD, but this selection from Jummy Hogan and his trio is choice stuff… Here are the liner notes:

“ ~ when ecorded by Peter Kennedy in 1958 they (‘The Jimmy Hogan Trio’) were playing regularly at ”The Buffalo Club“, an Irish venue in Kentish Town in Northwest London. Jimmy Hogan was born at Borrisokane in Co. Tipperary and learned many of his tunes from his friend and fellow box-player Paddy O’Brien.”

enirehtac ~ now we can, the correction has been made. It’s a tune I should have had the name for, except for a generally uncooperative memory… 😏

Re: Traditional Dance Music Of Ireland

“Tommy Whelan’s” on Track #6 would appear to be the first 2 parts of “Colonel Fraser”.
“The Boys Of The Spuds” on Track #10 is the first 2 parts of “The Bunch Of Keys”.