Woman Of The House

By Cherish The Ladies

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Mighty album

Thought this was a great album. The piano accordian and fiddles are lovely on it. Singing and of course the great Joannie are amazing too. Some great guests including gods gift to boudhran players……..john joe kelly.
Well worth buying!

The fiddler is Roisin Dillon

Roisin was born in Belfast, and now lives in Plantation, Florida with her husband, John Schreiber, a tremendous guitar player and multi instrumentalist. Her brother, Eamonn Dillon, also lives in Plantation, and is a hellacious piper and whistle player.

Well worth seeing them together if you’re ever in Florida!

The last sequence

My copy of the album has it misprinted…and it’s the same case here too. The Flooded Road to Glenties comes before The Sunny Banks on the tape.

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Re: Woman Of The House

Sadly, the digital version of this album seems to have been wiped out from Amazon recently, and the tracks are no longer showing as YouTube topic videos either. If you downloaded them as mp3 files beforehand, they should still be saved though!