Lord Mayo/Aris

By Le Cheile

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Le Chéile

Compiled and remastered from 2 LPs released in the early 1970’s (Lord Mayo), recordings of Irish musicians living, working and playing musaic in LOndon during the last ‘60’s and early ’70’s.
Lovingly dedicated to the memory of Raymond Roland (box player from Galway) and P.J. Crotty (flute / whistle player from Clare), who contributed much of the material heard here.

Le Chéile (Lord Mayo)

Thanks for posting this, MairinD.
Do you know if they were all studio recordings, or were some of them recorded in pubs ?
I played music in the pubs in London in the late sixties and early seventies and have probably played with most of the musicians on this album, certainly with Raymond R and PJ.
I´ll try and get the album when I´m in Ireland this summer.

As far as I can remember, “murfbox”, they were both studio albums - “Lord Mayo” certainly was. Shame they didn’t see fit to re-release all 27 tracks.
I reckon there are 6 tunes on this recording not showing up by links, for various resons.
Track 9, 2nd tune is “The Galtee” reel.

Le Chéile (Lord Mayo)

Thanks, Kenny and Ptarm.

Lord Mayo CD

We formed the band from musicians who played regularly in The White Hart, Fulham Broadway in the early 1970’s. They were great days.
Raymond Roland and Liam Farrell were the regulars around whom the whole Fulham ‘scene’ built up. There was hardly a musician of the day who did not at some time drop in and join us for a few tunes, often decamping to Con Curtin’s Balloon Tavern down by the river to play away through the night and maybe the next morning.

Yes, all the recordings were recorded in a small studio in Putney run by a BBC producer called Ian Grant. He did well for us capturing much of the feel of the pub sessions. We only selected 16 of the 27 tracks as we felt that the first album was much stronger than the second and wanted to put out a product that retained its punch.
After launching the re-release CD at the Willie Week this year we had a launch concert in Hammersmith Irish Centre last month (November). It was a great night. Packed out with lots of old faces turning up for the show. Andy Martin (Accordion) and Paul Gallagher (Flute) stepped in brilliantly. We also had some help from Ian McGirr (banjo)The night was conducted as a tribute to Raymond and PJ, so sorely missed. Raymond’s wife Rose and children Anthony, Annette and Marcella attended. Sadly PJ’s wife Angela was unable to make it over for the evening.
Danny Meehan, Liam Farrell, John Roe and myself all sang songs which was a new thing (for us). This recipe for earache even elicited some applause….Blimey!
We have been offered more concerts next year on the strength of this night so it looks like we will be trying to put some new material together in January.
Thanks to Brendan Mulkere…..and Niall Keegan and Sean Keegan of Limerick University for putting the album together.
Hopefully we will get a website up at some stage. I have one myself but it is not a ceili music site. What the hell……here it is:
Thanks to everyone (MairinD, Murfbox, Ptarmigan and Kenny)who has posted about our albums and the new CD. Hoping I will meet you some time.
You know, we still have great sessions in London to this day. I love the people who play and listen to this music. I feel lucky and blessed to be involved in it. We are a proper active as opposed to passive (the usual thing) culture and a proper community.

Best Wishes,
Kevin Boyle