The Mouse Behind The Dresser

By Shaskeen

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The Mouse Behind the Dresser

A great set of solid ceili tunes. All of the transcriptions can be found in their book ‘The Crossroads Dance’ and I would recommend both of them, especially for beginniers who are looking for reliable versions of some of the standards.


Oh, and the lineup on the recording is:

Tom Cussen: Tenor Banjo
Charlie Harris: Button Accordeon/Melodeon
Benny O’Conner: Percussion
Mike Fahy: Guitar/Vocals
Eamonn Cotter: Flute
Kevin Rohan: Fiddle


The Mouse Behind the Dresser

I think credit should also be given here to Pat Costello who was a member of the Shaskeen for several years. He played guitar, mandolin and bouzouki on some of the tracks on this album, as well as producing and designing it.
Pat, who has his own programme of Clare FM, is a mine of information on both Irish and American traditional music.

“on” Clare FM

P. Joe Hayes’ Reel I.D.

P. Joe Hayes’ Reel is also known as “Farewell to Old Decency” and “For the Sake of Old Decency” and they play it in the key of A.