Ireland’s Best Session Tunes CD 1

By Waltons Recording

Two comments

CD session Collection

I picked this up at a gift shop one day…the collection has 110 tunes on two CD’s . Under the title it states "110 of the most popular Irish Session tunes…" and "Ireland’s Best Session Tunes Companion Book" is offered separately on the back of the insert…I knew that most of the tunes would be listed here…so heres the first 50 Tunes from the first CD.

The collection is well recorded…and the tunes are at easy tempo..easy enough to pick up in a hurry.

I should also give credit to the musicians on the recording

Fiddle:Brendan O’Sullivan
Whistles: Harry Long
Guitar: Galvin Ralston

Produced by: Conor Long

Waltons Recording Studios, Dublin