Melodious Accord

By Jim McGrath

  1. Bouncing Bellows
    The Boys Of Bellanaleck
  2. Monea Castle
  3. Jitter The Bow
    Melodious Accord
  4. Tween The Ditches
    Raphoe Rhapsody
  5. The Fiddler Mick Hoy
  6. Autumn’s Golden Shades
    The Prince Of Distillers
  7. In The Lane To Carron
    The Fairy Port
    The Poet’s House
  8. Slithering
    Generally Colliding
  9. The Silent Fiddle
  10. The Knocks Session
    The Lettered Cave
    The Rhythm
  11. The Two Lovers
    Deery From Derry
  12. Le Sel De Bretagne
    The Peake Dancers
  13. The Plain Of The Deer
    Correl Glen
  14. The Drop Dial
    House To Finish
  15. Sunset On The Erne
    Memories Of Bielefeld

Seven comments

Melodious Accord - Jim McGrath

"New dance music and airs inspired by the Irish and Scottish traditions in Ulster."

"Jim has played mostly in pubs and at weddings, ceilis and set dances not only in Fermanagh but all over the north of Ireland. He has been invited to perform in Europe and in the USA, notably in North Carolina and in Pitsburg, Pennsylvania."

"All of the tunes are original compositions which by their eclectic nature reflect both the Scottish and Irish traditions in Ulster.

Not the Jim McGrath father of Vincent McGrath is it?

Check out that link for loads of detail on this CD, including sound clips.

Ok, not the same guy then. Great album name I must say!

Gerry O´Donnell


I know Gerry. He is living and teaching in Dublin and he´s a great flute teacher and very nice person too.