Pure Chance

By Shona Kipling And Damien O’Kane

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  1. Trip To Herves
    The Geese In The Bog
  2. The Blackhill
    The Hay In The Kiln
    Obsessive Island
  3. Glenda Lough
  4. Miss Lyndsay Barkers
  5. Polkas
  6. Tartar Frigate
    Wayward To Debauchery
  7. The Lakes Of Ponchartrain
  8. Tam The Banjo
  9. Boda
  10. The Catalyst
    The Destitution

One comment

Pure Chance

I saw this pair at Priddy Folk Fest ‘06 and although I normally believe the piano accordian to be the work of the divil, in Shona’s hands it is heavenly; as is Shona. The more I listen to the CD the more I like it too, even the eleventieth recording of the bless-ed Lakes of Ponchartrain.
Damien’s banjo playing, and driving guitar accompaniment is also worth a listen.
Some interesting self-penned tunes in there; Glenda Lough is lovely.