Edel Fox and Ronan O’Flaherty

By Edel Fox And Ronan O’Flaherty

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  1. Martin Wynne’s No. 1
    Tie The Bonnet
  2. The Maid On The Green
    The Lost And Found
    The Lark In The Morning
  3. The Bag Of Spuds
    Lucy Campbell’s
    Lillies In The Field
  4. Boys Of Ballysodare
    The Bird In The Bush
  5. Poll Ha’Penny
    Peacock’s Feather
  6. The Chicago
    George White’s
  7. An Coileach Ag Fogairt An Lae
    Patsy Geary’s
  8. The Connachtman’s Rambles
    The Sligo Maid
  9. Gan Ainm
    The Man Of The House
    The Morning Dew
  10. The Sligo-Leitrim Bucks
  11. The Iron Man
  12. Na Ceannabhain Bana
    The Whinny Hills Of Leitrim
  13. The Fisherman’s Lilt
    The Musical Priest
    John Brennan’s

Nine comments

Edel Fox (concertina), Ronan O Flaherty (fiddle), Michael McCague(bouzouki, guitar), Brian McGrath(keyboards).
Got this cd today- listened to it a couple of times and it’s excellent. I saw Edel live a couple of times and she is brilliant-i think she is a member here….

Best CD this year. Has A lovely West Clare feel to it

I just thought I’d add a little note in case there’s someone out there as slow as I am: Track ten, listed as The Sligo / Leitrim Bucks is not the Sligo reel followed by the Leitrim Bucks, it’s just the Sligo and Leitrim version of the Bucks. I couldn’t work out why there were two tunes listed but only one played until I realised the geographic connection between the two counties!

Also, this CD rocks! I’ve been listening to it just about constantly since I got it.

A gem of a cd. The Leitrim Bucks is terrific. Reminds me of the other Bucks played by Joe Cooley. (which says a lot!)

Correct link for John Brennan’s

The last tune on this CD, John Brennan’s, can be found on thesession.org here:


not at the page that is linked from the track listing.

Recently met and listened to Ronan at Tig Coili in Galway. Nice guy and a brilliant fiddler. Keep an eye on him.