Edel Fox And Ronan O’Flaherty

By Edel Fox And Ronan O’Flaherty

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Edel Fox (concertina), Ronan O Flaherty (fiddle), Michael McCague(bouzouki, guitar), Brian McGrath(keyboards).
Got this cd today- listened to it a couple of times and it’s excellent. I saw Edel live a couple of times and she is brilliant-i think she is a member here….

Best CD this year. Has A lovely West Clare feel to it

I just thought I’d add a little note in case there’s someone out there as slow as I am: Track ten, listed as The Sligo / Leitrim Bucks is not the Sligo reel followed by the Leitrim Bucks, it’s just the Sligo and Leitrim version of the Bucks. I couldn’t work out why there were two tunes listed but only one played until I realised the geographic connection between the two counties!

Also, this CD rocks! I’ve been listening to it just about constantly since I got it.

A gem of a cd. The Leitrim Bucks is terrific. Reminds me of the other Bucks played by Joe Cooley. (which says a lot!)

Correct link for John Brennan’s

The last tune on this CD, John Brennan’s, can be found on thesession.org here:


not at the page that is linked from the track listing.

Recently met and listened to Ronan at Tig Coili in Galway. Nice guy and a brilliant fiddler. Keep an eye on him.