Inné Amárach

By Téada

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a good point: no songs…but,i was disappointed when i listened tothis record, it seems a step looks like a quickly recorded CD by an over touring band, it dont really like the sound…kind of useless record..

there is also a DVD in the same box,, but rather frustrating , only bits of live playing..

Another point of view

Disagree totally - great music. Recommend it to anyone. And I quite like Oisin MacDiarmada’s singing.

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Emm, this cd is actually called "inné amarach" which is the irish for "yesterday tomorrow."

I have to strongly disagree with ya there paul, in my opinion this is their best cd yet. I think it sounds much fuller then the other two and i think its the first cd that even hints towards how fantastic they are live. Its a great cd, but I think that there is even bigger and better to come!

in fact now i understand, why i don’t like the sound of this record.. because of John Blake’s departure..Sean Mc Elwain can’t play guitar and banjo at the same the guitar is omnipresent…and the arrangements are poorer..and it sounds monotonous, and boring..

Paul, I would choose my words carefully. I happen to be friends with the Lads and wouldn’t want people to get the wrong idea about what an excellent cd this is. It hits so many differnet types of tunes astray from the normal jigs and reels. The pure excitement in this cd alone is good reason to buy it . Everyone is intitled to there opinion, but you are borderline insulting. By the way Paul, do you have any CD’s for sale Paul? I would like to buy one.

It seems to me it is very easy to be insulting and slag people off when you dont have anything in your bio. It would be much better to put something about yourself so that one could go ‘oh - they are good and obviously know about the music’ or ‘they are crap and have no clue and obviously cant play a note - therefore I wont bother with what they say about such and such’

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Yeah BB, first thing I did was go to see this fella Paul95’s bio!

I agree with the majority here, this is a great album. Wonderful melody driven music. It is my fav of the 3 Téada albums that I have.
But Paul is welcome to share his view with us, yes, words like ‘useless monotonous, and boring’ are over the top, but if we didn’t all add our own bit here this would just Jeremy’s blog.

People should have the space to speak honestly about a recording and joshdukes, it’s silly to ask if Paul has a CD… are you impling that your only entitled to an opinion if you’ve recorded something? definately sounds like a great way for trad to disapear even further up it’s own preverbial.

This Teada album is brilliant. I desperately want to see them live. As if the music, the playing, and great recording weren’t amazing enough, I and several others have really enjoyed watching the ‘FREE’ DVD that comes with the cd. Very easy to drive long Canadian distances with this cd in the car’s player!!

9.) "Micho’s March" = "Micho Russell’s Polka"

Paul was gracious enough to rename it to make the direct link… Thanks Paul…

I really like it. They always choose interesting tunes or interesting versions of tunes I’m familiar with. No different with this one.

3 ) "Jamesy Gannon’s" = "Jamesy Gannon’s March"

The link here takes us to "Jamesy Gannon’s" which is not the tune on the recording.
‘c’ has just submitted it (yesterday July 11th. 2010) as "Jamesy Gannon’s March"

Interestingly the other tunes in the set (as found in the data base here) are also not as on the recording.
The second tune is, as far as I know, in the data base as "The Glenbeigh"/"Beilby’s".
I don’t know the third tune.

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