By Boys Of The Lough

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  1. The Star Of Munster
  2. Owen Hacket’s
    The King’s Favourite
    The Rocking Chair
  3. Willie O
  4. The Bamboo Flute
    Albert House
    Annalese Bain
  5. The Castle
  6. Anac-cuain
    The Humours Of Ballinahinch
    The Floggin
  7. I’ll Buy Boots For Maggie
  8. Moorlough Mary
  9. The City Of Savannah
    The Acrobat
    Off To California
  10. Da Tushkar
    Susan Cooper
  11. Jog Along
  12. (The Cup Of Tea Set)
    The Return To Milltown

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The Boys of the Lough recorded this album in 1980, and it was the first one they made with Tich Richardson on guitar. I’m not sure if it’s ever been released on CD. Also on this recording are Martin O’Connor (tracks 6 & 7) and Len Graham (bodhran on track 5, singing on track 11). I like a lot of the playing on here (how can you cannot like Cathal McConnel and Aly Bain?), but Dave Richardson’s contribution stands out especially on this record.

The final set is made up of two reels that Cathal McConnel got from Tommy Peoples. He says that the second tune is a peculiar two-part version of the Cup of Tea. I recognize it as the second of the McDonagh reels that Matt Molloy played on his first solo album with Donal Lunny. I’ll see if it’s already on the website.

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