Green Grass Blue Grass

By Brock McGuire Band

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Brock McGuire Band

“Paul Brock and Enda Scahill capture the very core of Irish music: the rhythm, the passion, the excitement and most of all, the integrity. Only great musicians can do this”. - Gerry O ’Connor (musician)
“Humdinger… an album alive with powerful rhythms delivered by musicians who play with dazzling virtuosity and precision”. - Martin Hayes (musician)

Need I say more?

I’ve been waiting for this album. The preview clip on their website sounds good. Time to start saving pocket money!

Great album. Just bought it today. Really nice album to listen to and I’d reccomend it.

Tunes in track 8?

…….anyone know the tunes that make up track 8 ‘French-Canadian set’?

I asked Paul Brock himself, but wasn’t sure either! Here’s his reply:

"I unfortunately dont have names on the tunes. I understand that they come from the repertoire of an accordion maker/ musician called Marcel Mercervier who lived in a place called Montmagny near Quebec city. Not much help but that’s as much as I know. Great tunes.
With Best Wishes

Paul Brock"

Tunes in track 8?

1st in the set is Reel Eugene (thanks to Sessioneer Francois Pellerin for that one)

Track 8

The accrodeonist refered to in acomment above is Marcel Messervier. I believe Marcel is still alive and well, and gladly so 😉