Simple Tricks

By Angus Lyon And Ruaridh Campbell

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  1. Boo’s
  2. Barachois
    Scotsmans Screwdriver
  3. Joining Of The Spirits
  4. Sue’s Celebration
  5. Captain Campbell
    Freewheeling To Kings House
    Lord MacDonald
  6. Mackworth
    The Beeswing
  7. Mirrlees Lane
  8. McArthur’s Road
    Miss Michelle Grehan’s Farewell To Her Degree
  9. Flowers For Mamie Wylie
    The Secret Wedding
  10. The Hen’s March O’er The Midden
  11. Il Vino Libero Tutta La Notte
  12. Top O’ The Morgen To Ya!
    Miles To Biggar
    Tony’s 4Some
  13. Seaforth