Tobar An Dúchais: Solo Traditional Irish Tin Whistle Music From County Clare

By Brid O’Donohue

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"Tobar an Dúchais" / "The Well of Tradition" ~ Bríd O’Donohue

BOD-CD 001 ~ Copperplate Distribution

#19) Best Irish Traditional Albums of 2005
The Irish Echo/ CEOL Column By Earle Hitchner

The Irish Post 14.10.05
"On this beautifully spaced recording the humble tin whistle in the hands of this master musician becomes a wonderful instrument" ~ Joe Mullarkey

Musical Traditions:
"with absolutely no accompaniment, it’s as close as you’ll get to the pure drop. An essential addition to any collection". ~ Ken Ricketts and Marya Parker

The Welsh Folk Magazine Adolygiadau o Reviews
"STEEPED in the Clare tradition, Brid O’Donohue is a long time tutor at the Willie Clancy summer school ~ Her playing is clean, flowing and mellow. Her tempi are steady and her phrasing and rhythm are superb; there is little tonguing and only subtle variation on repeats, whilst her ornamentation is full but not flashy or excessive, though she eschews the cran." ~ Jem Hammond

"Brid O’ Donohue is one of the best I have ever heard. Her album is called " Tobar on Ouchais"….she is a fairly simple ( I use that phrase lightly) but a very tastefull whistle player, awesome CD."

# Posted on August 3rd 2006 by Tom

Tin Whistles ~ keys & maker:

C Generation

D & Eb Cillian O Briain

B & C Susato

D Sindt