Inside Out

By Mícheál Ó Raghallaigh

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Inside Out

Mícheál O‘ Raghallaighs newest album, released a few weeks ago, is another jewel, I think. He is accomanied on some tracks by Michael Rooney on harp, Eoghan O’ Brien on guitar and Tríona Ní Dhómhnaill on keyboards. Sleeve notes are in Irish and English, very interesting and detailed. Added are some humorous comments regarding his career since he released his first album “The Nervous Man” and how to pronounce his name. Absolutely worth to listen!


craics90 - if you put the word “The” before several of the tune titles here, and also some apostrophes in the appropriate places, the tune titles will “link” automatically to the sheet music for the tunes listed here in the database.
I reckon at least 12 of the tunes would “connect”, and that’s helpful to people.
Thanks for letting us know this has been released. I’ll definitely be getting it.

Michael O’Raghallaigh

This guy’s sense of rhythm is amazing. He taught and played at East Durham this year, and I couldn’t wait to hear him again. The woman next to me at the Saturday concert turned and said, after he finished, “ It doesn’t get any better than that!”. and she was right.


Michael O’Raghallaigh

N.B. To see this brilliant player in action, read on ……………

“There’s a 30 minute program about Mícheál Ó Raghallaigh on TG4, the Irish-language network of RTE.
You can get it streamed if you go to and look for the menus on the left of the screen. Click “Cláir Eile - Cartlann” and go to the program Ceird an Cheoil for the date 12/07/2006.
There’s lots of good playing and shots of him reconditioning an old Jeffries, etc.
It’s mostly in Irish, but there are subtitles in English.
There’s also some footage of Stephen Chambers discussing (in English) the history of the Anglo in Irish music, with special reference to William Mullally."

Thanks to Tom Ryan over at for this.

How long ago was that programme made?

Ryan’s rant - 1st tune track 2

Does anybody know anything about this tune?!

I think it’s in O‘Neill’s. It’s in A minor or A dorian. I think it may be played in other keys though. It was recorded also by James Kelly, Paddy O’Brien and Daithi Sproule on their trio album released in the late 70s and I think, it may be favoured by button accordionists but thats only an impression I’m under for some reason. I don’t play box myself. That’s all I know.

What concertinas does he play?

Micheal O Raghallaigh’s concertinas

On “Nervous Man” his earlier cd, he played
38 key Suttner C/G
38 key Shakespeare C/G
46 key Jeffries G#/D#

He’s a master at finding wonderful tune changes, the only problem can be, enjoying the tune whilst waiting for a great change that you know is coming!

On “Inside Out” the notes say he plays
38 key Suttner C/G
46 key Jeffries G#/D#, (except this time it’s called Ab/Eb)

He also says “ ‘The Nervous Man’ was released in 2001 and there are still a few originals available for all you repentant pirates out there. (Yes, I meant YOU!) Thank you to all the nice people who purchased a copy”

Re: Inside Out

What he’s calling Kitty in the Lane sounds like Lilies in the Field, not the Kitty in the Lane it’s linked to above.