Irish Button Accordion

By Billy Moran

Added by harry .
  1. Paddy Kelly’s
    The Dog In The Bushes
  2. The Bunch Of Keys
    The Yellow Tinker
  3. The Blackbird
  4. The Battle Of Aughrim
    The Corner House
  5. Oslo
    Mrs Kenny
  6. The Pigeon On The Gate
    The Woman Of The House
  7. The Maids Of Mt Cisco
  8. The Garden Of Daisies
  9. Old Bog Road
  10. The Moving Cloud
    The Dawn
  11. The Kilfenora
  12. Spike Island Lasses
    Trim The Velvet
  13. Connoly’s Jigs
  14. The Rights Of Man
  15. Peter St
    The Mason’s Apron
  16. Far From Home
  17. The Sligo Maid
    The Bag Of Spuds

Two comments

A legend of the Aussie trad scene…

a great record of one of THE players of the australian scene, unfortunatly marred by really, really inappropriate guitar playing. This tragically diminishes the album, which features some facinating versions of Billy’s classic tunes.

I, and many, many other people in the (esp. melbourne) scene are deeply indebted to Billy for all the time and music he continues to pass onto us. I just hope they kept the original tapes and their might be the possiblity of a re-release in the future sans-backing….