Roads Not Travelled

By Aly Bain And Phil Cunningham

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  1. The Bluejay
    Scott Mac Millan’s Nightmare
    Manus Lunny’s Plower Pop
  2. Rockin’ The Baby To Sleep
    Frank McConnell’s Three Step
  3. The Gentle Light That Wakes Me
  4. Dr. Donaldson
    The Anvil
  5. A Journey Just Begun
  6. The Dundas Stumble
  7. French Canadian
    The Fernie’s
  8. A Bright Star In Cepheus
  9. Major Manson’s Farewell To Clachantrushal
    The Shinty Referee
  10. Nil Desperandum
    Lord Saltoun’s

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‘Roads Not Travelled’ - Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham

This is their sixth release as a duo.
Three of Phil Cunningham jigs, including the Para Handy Theme, kick off this CD.
There are also a couple of lovely Ronnie Cooper waltzes originally recorded by Aly on his first solo album 20 years ago.
Aly Bain’s makes a grand job of Phil’s slow airs - "The Gentle Light that Wakes Me" and "A Bright Star in Cepheus" which was written in memory of Phil’s brother Johnny.

Aly Bain - fiddle;
Phil Cunningham - accordions, whistles, mandolin, piano, cittern, keyboards.
Anna Massie - Acoustic guitars;
Martin O’Neil - bodhran.

I had the joy of hearing the dynamic duo live in Lichfield not so long ago and the tune that really stood out for me that evening was, "The Gentle Light That Wakes Me". I’ve been patiently waiting for this CD so I could hear it again and now I’m hard at work trying to master playing it as amazingly as Aly does. He never fails to produce phenomenal tone out of his fiddle as well as having spot on intonation - then again, he has been playing 50 years longer than me!

Submitted on April 13th 2012 by ceolachan.
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track seven Valse Des Jouets

This beautiful waltz is listed on this website if you look it up under tunes.